// _Final Quest


No. 990-22 / 2.11
Class A1
Exp 03


Leviathor, a web3 enthusiast, is reported dead. He was working for a mysterious Company specialising in new technologies. Leviathor seemed to be at odds with this Company. Just a few days before his death, he suddenly left The Company.

Leviathor had a digital wallet, containing valuable NFTs and the CryptoPunk#2672 worth $120, 000. Encrypted with a 24-word seed phrase, this wallet is somewhere to be found. The Company seems extremely interested in Leviathor's wallet, as if they were searching for something in particular.

Leviathor had developed a powerful AI. Today, this AI takes over Leviathor’s Twitter account to prevent The Company from retrieving the digital wallet and to ensure that this wallet is opened by the right person… you?

Aim of the game
The aim of each quest is to find one word. There is one word per quest to find. At the end of the 24th quest, you will possess the 24 words of the seed phrase to open the wallet of Leviathor.



Chapter 01

__RIP Leviathor

Leviathor feels threatened… Until he suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances. The AI he had developed takes over his Twitter account.

Chapter 02

__A vanishing Company

The AI gives an appointment to the players in the Death Museum, willing to convey a message and give more information on The Company Leviathor worked for. Unfortunately, in the three different worlds accessible from the Death Museum, all the information about The Company already disappeared.

Chapter 03

__Go digital

We discover that Leviathor was a crypto enthusiast, spending a lot of time in the virtual worlds and money on digital assets: he had a collection of wearables. We finally find some information suggesting that he was working in the AI industry.

Chapter 04

__Stranger teams

It seems that colleagues of Leviathor are no longer working for The Company: Chedrid Toh, Morence Blizzard, Tony Gany and Jérémy Berein have disappeared from the organization chart following Leviathor’s death. Yet, these people are still working but have been forced into silence, forced to change their identity. Billie Oblique, an Employee working in the HR department, is here to check that everything is under control. But one of these Employees, Tony Gany, spoke too much: he is found dead.

Chapter 05

__The secret basement

Leviathor had a private cellar where he would work on confidential projects for The Company involving AI and the blockchain, but also on personal projects on collaborative crypto money and an inclusive web3. AI Zombies created by The Company try to invade his cellar and steal all the information on his projects.

Chapter 06

__Artistic salvation

Leviathor was very interested in cryptoart and had a NFT collection, that is now part of his wallet. The NFTs from his wallet are presented in a virtual museum.

Chapter 07

__The CryptoPunks' birthday

Leviathor, as an owner of a CryptoPunk, was involved in NFTs, cryptoart and very active in the CryptoPunk community, without ever revealing his real name. Leviathor had asked some CryptoPunk owners to help him fight against The Company he worked for. Today, it is the first birthday of the CryptoPunks since Leviathor is missing. They pay a tribute to him.

Chapter 08

__Obey or dissent

In a district where The Company’s headquarters are set and where the missing employees are forced to work, tracks of Leviathor’s AI are searched for everywhere. The Company spreads the word that Leviathor left with The employees' confidential information. However, someone in this city does not see it that way… She even pays tribute to him with a song.

Chapter 09

__The NFC mission

The AI goes undercover through a special programme at NFC Lisboa online to try and get more people to help it fight against The Company.

Chapter 10

__Partners in crime arise

When the AI was at the NFC Lisboa online, an employee from The Company was present and injected a virus into the AI. It is weakened and cannot compute nor analyze. The Dissident, an employee from the Company who disagrees with The Company and who is helping Leviathor’s AI, gradually surfaces.

Chapter 11

__The Dissident's way

The Dissident discovered that the Company found a word from the seed phrase of Leviathor’s wallet.

Chapter 12

__Writings remain

People start to talk. The Dissident relays worrying articles published in the media relating to The Company: missing people from a mysterious Company, an article written by Tony Gany preventing against the risks of backdoors, a new kind of virus developed…

Chapter 13

__Wrong code

The AI is getting weaker and weaker. The virus has modified its code. It may not survive more than 48 hours. The Dissident can’t resolve it alone since he/she doesn’t have full access to the AI program.

Chapter 14

__AI wanted

The AI is unresponsive. The Company’s virus managed to turn it off. The thing is, The Company is now unable to track the AI and steal data from it if it doesn’t operate. The Dissident intercepted a conversation between two employees: they found out that at the NFC Lisboa, when they hacked the AI, this one generated a password that can restart its programme and transferred it into an artwork. The employees will go search for it.

Chapter 15

__Art works wonders

The password is kept within a very special artwork created by an artist who supports Leviathor’s fight.

Chapter 16


The password indeed helped to restart the AI. It is regenerating test images as a reboot process. These images show scenes that shaped the AI, mixed with Leviathor’s memories, including his work colleagues. Another picture shows that the virus is still here.

Chapter 17


The Dissident needs a fuller access to the AI to repair and clean it from the virus. The AI is still too weak to give the codes of the double authentication. The Dissident possesses a picture that Leviathor sent her/him a long time ago that could be helpful.

Chapter 18

__Between real and virtual

The Dissident now has full access to the AI and needs help to definitely erase the remains of the virus, to be sure that The Company doesn’t have access to the AI anymore.

Chapter 19

__Colourful leaks

The virus is gone. The Dissident starts to reveal the story of The Company, the double dealing it is engaging in and the reasons behind Tony Gany’s death.

Chapter 20

__Double-faced truth

Employees from the Company counterattack. They disclaim the information disseminated by the Dissident and reveal that Leviathor stole a lot from them. Starting with the data of the AI initially programmed for The Company.

Chapter 21

__Connections resurface

Extensive investigation conducted by the Company reveals that Leviathor, back in the time when he worked at the Company, was seen in a pub with Billie Oblique, an employee from The Company who works in the HR department.

Chapter 22

__Between friends

The Dissident wants to post in a safe environment and tests the community to exclude the accounts that belong to The Company.

Chapter 23

__Keys for future

The Dissident is then increasing the confidentiality of Leviathor’s account. All along, it’s been about keys. For now, the focus is to find the right ones to access the account with resettled privacy settings.

Chapter 24

__Truth comes out

The Dissident reveals it all: The Company created a blockchain with the aim of stealing all the data and funds of the users. For this, they have been planning to use the backdoor of Their blockchain which they had never erased. They had secured keys to use the backdoor but one is missing.

Final Chapter

__The race has begun

The Boss of The Company ran away with the wallet, including the keys to the backdoor. Stopping him in time is the last chance to save the blockchain... and to earn the CryptoPunk!